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Seni Sangrujee

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I've created 33 Android apps and 7 iOS apps, which have been downloaded over 2.3 million times.

I live in Silicon Valley and occasionally blog about life as an app developer.

@dystopia on Twitter

Top Apps

Movie Collection & Inventory
500,000+ downloads

Wine List, Ratings & Cellar
225,000+ downloads

Prayers to Share
165,000+ downloads

Beer List, Ratings & Reviews
175,000+ downloads

My Music Organizer
245,000+ downloads

Book Collection & Catalog
170,000+ downloads

Video Game Tracker
67,000+ downloads

The Bucket List
140,000+ downloads

plus 24 other apps...

How I Price Apps

[I get asked a lot of questions about what life is like as an indie app developer, so I've decided to write a series of posts on topics that frequently come up when having a beer or coffee with friends who wonder what it's like behind the scenes. Filed under openkimono.]

I ofte...

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First Look at the BlackBerry PlayBook

I went to the BlackBerry and Adobe "Meet the PlayBook" event in San Francisco yesterday and got a chance to find out more about the device. This is the second BlackBerry event that I've been to recently, it's nice to see them engage the developer community more. We didn't get a very close look at the actual device, it was basically stage on an Elm...

Tags: playbook, blackberry, adobeair

List of App Stores

The Android Market has been undergoing a lot of changes for the better recently. It looks like the Market is finally a priority for the Android team with changes like the 15 minutes refund window, Content Ratings, Related tab, Recent Changes field, and new UI.

It's still way behind the iPhone App Store, but one thing I've noticed with Android i...

Tags: iphone, android, appstore

Static Blog Generator (What's Old Is New)

When it came time to put up our blog, I had a tough time deciding what software to use. I've been using WordPress for several sites for a while, but it's been feeling bloated and cumbersome. It feels like it no longer facilitates writing, but has become more of an chore or an obstacle.

There's a trend going on to move toward using Static Blog ...

Tags: static blog, blogging

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