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Seni Sangrujee

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I've created 33 Android apps and 7 iOS apps, which have been downloaded over 2.3 million times.

I live in Silicon Valley and occasionally blog about life as an app developer.

@dystopia on Twitter

Top Apps

Movie Collection & Inventory
500,000+ downloads

Wine List, Ratings & Cellar
225,000+ downloads

Prayers to Share
165,000+ downloads

Beer List, Ratings & Reviews
175,000+ downloads

My Music Organizer
245,000+ downloads

Book Collection & Catalog
170,000+ downloads

Video Game Tracker
67,000+ downloads

The Bucket List
140,000+ downloads

plus 24 other apps...

The Downside of Failing Fast

I promised someone that I would start blogging regularly again when I hit 2 million downloads across all of my apps. Well, I passed 2.3 million a little while ago, so I've been dragging my feet long enough.

Just an aside, I don't recommend trying to juggle 40 apps and 2+ million downloads on your own. I handle all the development, support, ops...

Tags: lean startup, metrics

Winning Google Ship Wars

Last night was the Mountain View edition of Ship Wars at Google HQ. If you're not familiar with Ship Wars, it's a competition where programmers code spaceships for simulated one-on-one battles.

I was skeptical going in, but the event far exceeded my expectations (and not just because I won first place).

Everyone was raving about how much fun...

Tags: hackathon

This is what it sounds like when devs cry

So I got an invite to the beta for Nokia's DVLUP developer rewards program, and I'm really excited about it. The concept is that developers get awarded points for completing tasks like submitting an app using certain hardware features, attending events, or reaching a certain number of downloads. These poi...

Tags: nokia, windows phone

5 Keys to Android and iPhone App Development That Often Get Ignored

I've been chatting with a lot of folks recently, and I've noticed an interesting trend. In Silicon Valley, it's no longer the case where Everyone and Their Brother has an idea for an iPhone/Android app, it now seems like Everyone and Their Brother now has an app in the AppStore and Android Market already.

Experiences seem to be mixed. Some hav...

Tags: iphone, android, appstore

Deciding on an Idea

"Which Idea to Work On?"

I went to a hackathon over the weekend and must have had this conversation with 5 different people. I'm not talking about the idea to work on for the hackathon itself, but the idea to work on for a startup/bootstrapped biz/side project beyond the hackathon.

I consider hackathon ideas to be completely different...

Tags: startup, entrepreneur, founder, idea, hackathon

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